Matt Hennem

Here's the bit where I write deep and meaningful text to introduce myself and impress you. Or possibly not.

The moment I saw the world through the viewfinder of my first 'proper' camera almost 20 years ago, I became obsessed with the art and craft of photography. Hundreds of hours in the darkroom, countless rolls of film, terabytes of images later, I like to think I have developed (pun intended) an eye for a winning picture.

Combining that with a lifelong passion for juggling and circus felt natural. You won't find me asking you to 'juggle a little slower please' or 'do that pointy stretchy leg thing'. I speak Circus.

My studio is based in a spacious warehouse in North London. A five metre rigging bar allows for most aerial equipment to be accommodated. High ceilings allow for stilts, hand-to-hand/acrobalance and 'big juggling' (technical term). I use studio flash to capture beautiful moments in sharp detail. Extra wide backdrops allow for group compositions and there's room to dance. There's costume, makeup and chill space. Oh, and cups of tea*.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch here and book your shoot!


*other hot drinks also available

Photo by Tink

Photo by Tink